The Gypsy Quilter Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks - TGQ141

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From Gypsy Quilter
By Holder, Ellen
The Grip & Stitch® Quilting Disks will help you to move your quilt with ease while free-motion quilting. With two different types of foam on opposite sides, you’re sure to find the best grip for most fabrics. With the smaller disk in your right hand and the larger disk in your left, place them onto your quilt and begin stitching. Just like you would with quilting gloves, adjust your hands and the disks as necessary to quilt your quilt. Added bonus of reducing hand fatigue since you’re using the disks to move the quilt and not gripping the quilt with your hands.

  • Made of: Two Layers of Foam With a Hard Core in Between
  • Small Disc Measures 2-3/4in x 4in x 1/2in Thick
  • Large Disc Measures 3-1/2in x 5in x 1/2in Thick
  • Color: Blue and Black With a White Center Layer
  • Use: Free Motion Quilting Aid
  • Contains: 2 Grip & Stitch® Quilting Disks