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Snowflake Sew Along – Lesson one

You will need the pattern Snowflake by Modern Handcraft.  It is available for purchase on our website, or download directly from the Modern Handcraft website.  She also has downloads to make it easier for cutting your background fabrics as well as the version for one colour or 4 colour fabric options. The web addresses for these downloads are in the pattern. 

I love the label download (particularly for the 1 and 4 colour option) as this just makes it easier to keep track of all those pieces you have cut. For those of you who have not received your pattern yet here is the link

Let’s get started.  I am making the scrappy version and if you purchased our kit, you will find 15 - 0.25m pieces in the kit along with the background fabric. 

We are going to start with the 15 pieces and start cutting those into strips and then squares.  I love using my Stripology ruler for this as it makes quick work of  the cutting and keeps the blocks an accurate size. 

TIP: If you haven't used the stripology ruler, watch Gudrun, the designer of the ruler, demonstrate how to use it.

Make sure you have pressed your fabric and folded it once keeping the selvage edges straight and then fold again ensuring there are no ripples or tucks.  Line the Stripology ruler so the vertical 0 line is just over the edge of your fabric.  The horizontal line should be along the edge of your selvage.  Cut through the 0 slot, then without moving the Stripology ruler, cut at the 4” slot and again at the 7 ½” slot. 

Repeat with all the blue fabrics.

You should have one 4” strip and one 3 ½” strip from each of the blue pieces.  From each of the 4” strips cut 2 - 4” squares.  Choose 6 more strips and cut one more 4” square from each of those strips.  (total 36 - 4” squares)

Trim the remainder of the strips down to 3½”.  Cut 3½” squares from the remainder of the strip and continue cutting 3½” squares from the 3½” strip of each colour.  A total of 299 squares will be used, you will have a few more as I hate to count over 50! However, I have done the math, and you will have more than enough!  Here’s the math for the shape cut – 0   3 ½    7   10 ½   14   17 ½   

Cutting the white or the snowflake fabric:  At this point you have a choice of making your snowflake from all different white 3 ½” squares (follow scrappy snowflake fabric cutting), or you can cut larger pieces as shown in the 1 and 4 colour option.  For my quilt and those who have our kits, follow the directions for cutting the white snowflake fabric as listed in the 1 colour or 4 colour version.   Just a hint though, start by cutting the larger pieces first (H, G and F) and then work on the 4” squares and then E, B and A as this will be the most economical – although there is plenty of fabric in the kit, I just hate wasting strips!  I love using the labels to keep track of my cutting!

Okay, we’ve done the cutting – that is a lot of work.  Next time we will tackle some of the sewing.  Stay organized and make sure you have your ¼” foot attached.   I use Aurifil thread to piece as my seams lay nice and flat after pressing.  Best Press is also recommended for the next session so make sure yours is handy! 

While you wait for the next installment, start drawing one diagonal line on each of the 4” snowflake fabric squares.  Using a frixion pen is wonderful as it will disappear after you iron your block! 

Lesson 2 - August 22nd


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