Panel Magic II - 3 - Snowflakes

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Let’s get started on the Snowflake blocks by building some Flying Geese (step # 8 to #16 of the pattern). Find the 2½” fabric C squares and the 4½”  fabric B squares. You will also need a pencil and/or a fabric marking pen, a rotary cutter and a ruler or a “Deb Tucker’s Wing Clipper” by Studio 180 Designs, Ltd.

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of  48 -  2½” squares fabric C squares. A regular pencil will work fine here, as you will be cutting on the line the marks will be hidden in the seam allowance.

With right sides together, position 2 - 2½” squares of Fabric C on 1 - 4½”  square of Fabric B. The inner corners will overlap.


Stitch a ¼” on each side of the line. Slice the unit into 2 pieces along the marked line.


Press the seams towards the triangles.

Place another 2½” square as shown in the diagram.  Stitch a ¼” on each side of the line.

Slice and press towards the small triangles.

Repeat with the other half unit.


Square the 4 Flying Geese to 2” x 3½”. 

If you are using a regular ruler, place the 1¾” horizontal and vertical ruler marks on the intersection of the 2 seams. And if you have a 45° line, position it along a seam as well. Trim the right side and top side of the fabric.


Turn the piece around 180° (a rotating mat is great for this!) and position the top edge of the ruler along the fabric edge and the 3½” ruler line along the left edge. Trim the right side and top side of the piece.  You now have a Flying Goose!


If you are using a Wing Clipper, review the process by watching this video.



Make a total of 48 flying geese.


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